Consulenza aziendale a 360°

Why Consul360?

Our Expertise


.... Why we chose to synthesize the Company Mission in the name.

....Because with our professionalism and experience we can offer our customers customized advisory services to 360 degrees for the solution of the most diverse business issues.


Our Experience

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The founders have developed , over time, a wealth of knowledge which added to the multidisciplinary expertise of external consultants whose Consul360 uses, allow us to offer our customers high quality services and competitive in every area of expertise.

The scope of work ranges from the optimization of company resources, organization of events, going through training, implementation of strategies for solving problems specific business (marketing plans, business, communication, etc.) to then sweep towards more technical skills such as consulting and training in workplace safety, privacy and corporate responsibility..

The Consul360 abroad

Consul360 Esteri
  • The Company is a founding member of IBG (Italian Business Group) Middle East based in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), anorganization sponsored by the General Consulate of Italy for the development of trade Commercial and Cultural between Italy and the countries of the Middle East . The IBG is based at the headquarters of the Italian Consulate General in Jeddah.
  • Support the development of management information systems for the activities of the port companies located in the ports of Italy, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Support the development of projects of trade between local companies and companies-entities in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.).